I believe in the power of design which creates clarity, evokes emotion and improves experiences.

I create clarity
We use graphic design and formatting to create clarity and consistency.

I evoke emotion
We apply conceptual thinking and quality execution to produce print and digital advertising campaigns.

I improve experiences
We merge print and digital using augmented reality (AR), revolutionising the way we consume content, which incorporates 3D, motion graphics and animation. 

We didn’t start with much, materially speaking… A Mac, a desk, 2 chairs and $30 in the bank. It was 1996.

Passion, determination and skill are factors that have driven founders Nancy Bugeja and Miguel Valenzuela through each phase of their creative journey, and to this day continue to play an integral role in HM’s stable rise.

HM. is an award-winning multidisciplinary studio producing relevant design.

Our longevity is testament both to our 22 years contributing to Australia’s design industry and our commitment to continuous progress. A potent mix of wisdom and innovation has seen us deliver the highest quality design projects across three service levels — from using graphic design and formatting to create clarity; concepts to evoke emotion; and merging print and digital with augmented reality and motion to improve experiences — time and again.

Our founders Nancy and Miguel, profound creatives continue to actively shape the graphic design scene. Their experience and commitment to evolving the industry runs through every educational, mentoring and promotional programs they have been involved with.

Our credentials speak for themselves. The result of an approach that is always honest, open and real. One which sees us deliver concepts founded on our experience and our client’s vision, together. Because every project we work on is built on collaboration and our DNA is imbued with every one of our clients.

It’s what makes HM. your creative partner.


Rewind 22 years, original co-founders started this journey as graphic designers, they knew that they wanted to enjoy and assert their independence. After completing their graphic design studies and a diploma in small business management, they formed a studio that would soon consume their own identities.

We started as housemouse in July 1996. Aware of the high casualty rate of small businesses in their first 12 months, Nancy and Miguel took nothing for granted. They quickly learnt what the term ‘make or break’ meant. Within a few months housemouse moved house: to a small studio in Fitzroy. The move was simple (they didn’t have much to shift) and provided housemouse with their very own space and room to expand. It also meant working after-hours on jobs to pay the rent.

As housemouse’s client base grew, an opportunity to move to a warehouse in nearby Collingwood came up. They made the move and soon afterwards even took on their first employee. Awareness of their work moved from the perimeter of the design industry towards the middle. They were making themselves known. After almost four years in the Collingwood space, it was time for another move to Melbourne’s CBD which saw more than just their space grow. Demand for their expertise had also grown and the company employed a team of passionate and talented designers, administrators and marketing personnel. Under the guidance of Managing Director Nancy Bugeja and Creative Director Miguel Valenzuela, they make up the HM. of today.

HM. continues to form many strong, unswerving ties and relationships. Human interaction is key to the success of their studio. They have a reputable, like-minded supplier base, and continue to work with a variety of industries.

From $30 in the bank and an idea, HM. has grown to set considerable benchmarks within the design industry and they have no intention of slowing down. Far from jaded, their passion for design, hard work and successful outcomes is as powerful as ever.


Recent accolades.

Best Design Awards Finalists 2018
Melbourne Design Awards Winners 2016, 2017, 2018
AGDA Design Awards Winners 2015, Finalists 2017, 2018
Red Dot Awards Winners 2012, 2016, 2017