Aussie Broadband — No Bullsh*t Project information

Aussie Broadband — No Bullsh*t

When Aussie Broadband brought us on board, the Australian telecommunications carrier was looking for a design agency that would help them build a brand. The challenge? The logo existed.

We chose to work with solid block colours to accurately portray the organisation’s brand messages, mission, goals and value system which included bold, fun and no bullsh*t, while typography, with overlapped type and recurring patterns, is based on the idea of freedom, not being constricted and ‘thinking outside the square’.

We delivered a refined Aussie Broadband logo that now appears in different colours and configurations depending on how and where Aussie Broadband is interacting, with more than a dozen colour variations of the logo with multiple overlay patterns. This new AB element is a building-block: a bold and colourful branding icon that will, over time, come to be synonymous with Aussie Broadband.

The client has been very satisfied with the new branding direction, informing us that they now have a strong and consistent brand identity that both has both reaffirmed their internal value as a company and brought them new clients.

A recent direct mail campaign has had positive results recording one of their best months ever, with a host of new signups. Some even signed up ‘based on the graphic design’ we were told!!

Melbourne Design Awards — Gold for the Graphic Design – Illustration and Type category

Concept, Branding, Art direction, Graphic design, Typography — HM.

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