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fluoroDigital — fluoro website

We launched fluoro magazine in 2012 as a side project. Available only in print, we developed fluoroDigital, fluoro’s website.

fluoro always set out to celebrate diverse creativity while encouraging deep thought, evoking emotion through a unique collection of content. The website had to be designed to bring the unique aspects of the award-winning fluoro magazine online.

fluoroDigital was designed to allow a high level of flexibility which enhanced the way users digest and interact with fluoro’s content while allowing fluoro to engage as a global outlet from its Melbourne base. 

We created a unique design and navigation to allow the viewer to immerse themselves in its content. A multilayered navigational system was implemented, giving the user complete control. Comprised of tags, a keyword search, country and brand lists and a suite of symbols that visually represent fluoro’s content categories, users are able to navigate fluoro with ease.  

fluoroDigital takes a predominantly visual focus, which carries some of the flexibility of print design onto the web. This is seen through  the multiple layout options, high level of design flexibility and the inclusion of subtle print design elements such as overlays and columns. 

Characterised by an emphasis on design and images, fluoroDigital allows viewing in a high-quality format. The design of the site allows its content to speak.

Red Dot Award — Winner for Communication Design Category

Web design, Art direction, Content — HM.
Web development — Digital Republiq

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