HM Group. — But First, Coffee Project information

HM Group. — But First, Coffee

At HM, we make art reflecting our loves and interests. But First, Coffee is a tribute to the studio’s love for the black brew. It’s what has helped us achieve extraordinary things since 1996. We’ve travelled, brainstormed, conceptualised, designed, formatted, created, executed. We’ve won awards. And we’ve shared ideas and stories with clients, partners, friends and each other over coffee.

But First, Coffee was created using paper, aerosol paint and Augmented Reality (AR). 

Printed and presented in a greeting card format which then acted as a touch point to activate an experience which presented data proving our love for coffee!

The piece demonstrates how technology can be used to enhance print. It’s also a direct reflection of HM’s progress since its establishment in 1996, connecting HM’s past, present and future.

The project was conceptualised to ensure the paper craft construction, styling, art direction and photography was achieved in-house. To achieve the AR, we partnered with a 3D designer and developers.

Combining innovation in design and technology, we built a bespoke AR experience showcasing data collected over time presenting stats on how much coffee we’ve consumed. What was our favourite? Who makes the best coffee within a short walk from the studio? Download the HM.AR App.

Melbourne Design Awards — Gold for the Digital – AR / VR – New Experiences category
Best Design Awards — Finalist
AGDA Design Awards — Finalist

Concept, data collection, design, art direction, photography, augmented reality, app design — HM.
Retouching — Matthew Ryan
3D animation — Paco Casares
AR powered by — Plattar
Printing — Press Print

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