Metro Trains Melbourne — Get a Grip Project information

Metro Trains Melbourne — Get a Grip

Research conducted by Metro Trains Melbourne in conjunction with its Passenger Experience (PX) team and RMIT University found that slips, trips and falls often occur on the escalators at Parliament Station, in Melbourne’s CBD. This is the result of people being too quick, not focused, pushing past, and not holding on.

HM. was engaged to develop a series of escalator safety communication material that would encourage people to hold on, and ultimately reduce the number of incidents.

We conceived a creative strategy that utilised bright/visually polarising safety colours and a clever jingle: ‘Get a Grip Don’t Slip.’ The solution was catchy, attention-grabbing and provided opportunities for future campaign executions.

“The campaign ran throughout the start of the year and looks to have had a positive impact on the number of incidents.” – Metro Trains Melbourne.

Concept, Art direction, Graphic design, Typography — HM.

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