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Pause — by fluoro

We partnered with Pause Fest and our very own fluoro to create a print publication presenting interviews, stories and stats relating to past and current events, speakers and contributors while simultaneously reflecting the 2017 Pause edition and its theme ‘Different Perspective’.

Pause is Australasia’s premier innovation festival and wanted to produce a magazine that would build anticipation and drive ticket sales.

The design featured fluoro’s own brand elements, including the unique symbols suite, grid system, article layout and caption style. We used  Pause’s html website code in major headings. The magazine evoked a distinctly futuristic feel, supported by the decision to use Astrobright Papers® for the cover, in homage to Pause’s main keynote speaker, NASA. 

Through innovation in design and technology, and the support of Plattar’s Augmented Reality (AR) app builder, we created a bespoke AR experience, activating a series of films using the magazine cover as the touchpoint. This offered readers a unique way of connecting with the content and core topics that would be discussed at Pause.

The final product not only nailed every objective set, resulting in an exceptionally happy client, but drew praise from each of the prolific creatives featured in the magazine, including representatives from the likes of Pixar, Lucasfilm, The Mill, frog and NASA.

When the magazine was released into the public domain, it worked effectively in driving online ticket sales, which grew substantially, as did fluoro’s organic website traffic. And on top of all this, Plattar reported that downloads of its app hit an all-time high.

Red Dot Awards — Winner
AGDA Design Awards — Finalist
Melbourne Design Awards — Gold for the Digital – AR / VR – New Experiences category. [HM. is the only studio to be awarded a Melbourne Design Award for two consecutive years in this category.]

Content, Editing, Curation, Concept, Art direction, Graphic design, Video, Scrips, Augmented Reality  — HM.
Augmented reality powered by — Plattar
Paper — Spicers
Printing — Gunn & Taylor

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