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Wrapped — Collections

Our experience in the design industry has led to develop our very own brand of products, celebrating design. Wrapped was launched in 2008. The latest collection – Rainbows and Unicorns – will be launching soon.

Wrapping paper need not be boring and predictable! At least that’s what we thought. So we decided to design the most bold and eye catching wrapping paper we could. The product also had to meet three other objectives. It had to reflect our commitment to a sustainable environment; it had to be completely Australian, from the design to the printing; and it had to be an affordable designer product.

The Wrapped range has been inspired by two artistic movements or features: poster art and typography. Not only did we look at poster art for inspiration, we also made sure that the final product could be used and appreciated in its own right, posted to a wall. And we ensured that the product not only reflected our passion for typography design but also appealed to an audience that appreciates this essential feature of design as much as  we do.

Wrapped has striking visual appeal. But that’s not where its attributes end. Its dual function (practical and aesthetic) promotes reusability. We believe the product is equally at home enhancing the well-chosen gift that lies within it, as it is on the wall of a museum for contemporary art. 

Our latest collection will accentuate the experience of gift giving and will be available at the HM.Shop and all good paper retailers soon.

38th Annual Creativity Awards — Silver
Desktop Create Awards — Best Design (Commercial), Shortlisted 

Concept, Design, Art direction — HM.

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