Epworth HealthCare launched a digital healthcare content platform and approached us with a unique challenge: create a brand while adhering to their established brand guidelines. Our mission was to create a fresh and dynamic visual identity that could capture the essence of Epworth’s diverse healthcare services and its commitment to shaping the future of healthcare communication.

Our journey began with extensive research, not only within the healthcare industry but also across various sectors. We wanted to understand the latest trends in digital channels and how they presented themselves to engage audiences effectively. Additionally, we delved into the realm of human behaviour and emotion when interacting with brands, as this played a pivotal role in crafting the new Epworth TV identity.

The core concept we developed for Epworth TV was encapsulated in three words: Dynamic. Diverse. Shaping the Future. These words succinctly expressed the goals and aspirations of the project. Our visual representation of this concept is evolutionary in nature, taking the form of a circular shape. This design choice was intentional, as it subtly mimics the Epworth logo, signifying a sense of continuity and unity. Simultaneously, the circular shape also exudes a global feel, emphasising that Epworth is not just a singular entity but a collective of diverse specialisations.

The upward styling of the shape is a deliberate choice to convey the idea of “shaping the future”. It represents progress, growth, and the aspiration to elevate healthcare communication to new heights. Epworth TV is not just a passive observer but an active participant in the evolution of healthcare content.

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