A Mixtape.

This is 2022.

I love all things Japanese, and I am obsessed with Notan, the Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark. So it follows that I also love the Japanese designed QR code.

This is one reason why the HM team, from across Australia, Europe and New Zealand, have combined to produce The Year of the QR Code. A Mixtape using the QR code as the predominant feature.

The physical piece (pictured) is a gold foil embellished card, elevating and immortalising the familiar QR code. When scanned, the piece engages you with an eclectic musical mix featuring rock, soul, funk and electronica. There’s even a bit of disco!

Authentically HM. A simple idea, beautifully crafted.

As the playlist was coming together, I asked Miguel, HM’s Creative Director, about music:

“Music to me is as important as the oxygen we breathe. I find relief in music. Its power can uplift, pump me up or wind me down. A rhythm or a style of music expresses identity and unifies."

Much like the power of design.

One of Miguel’s selected tracks that I’d love to highlight is Tour de France from Kraftwerk. Significant, as it was a track taking on a progressive electronic/rock style demonstrating the value of evolution, not resisting change or styles.

The lyrics tell a story of camaraderie and friendship — a mindset we possess at HM which has allowed us to flourish through challenges, this year celebrating 26 years in the business of design.

Our success can be directly attributed to the amazing relationships that we have been able to form over this time and we look forward to collaborating with even more partners in 2022 and beyond.

If you have an idea that needs crafting, want to collaborate or would like a copy of the gold foiled card please contact me!

We will continue to add to the HM Mixtape, and hope that our selections either uplift, pump you up or wind you down — as you need.

I look forward to connecting.


PS. Join Miguel in the DJ booth on Friday’s from 8pm on IG Live or if in Melbourne, at Arbory Afloat.

Image credit: The Year of the QR Code. A Mixtape by HM.

Nancy Bugeja is Director of HM, a purpose-driven creative agency globally recognised for meaningful work that gets results. HM empower bold organisations and brands through beautifully crafted strategic design.