Courage, diversity and excellence

We won!

We’ve been recognised by the Better Future awards program for our courage, diversity and excellence. The project picking up a shiny silver was our own rebrand and we can’t be more thrilled.

Congratulations to all on the team!

Strategy — Nancy Bugeja
Creative direction — Miguel Valenzuela
Client care and listening program — Ric Navarro
Design — Andres Zapata
Design — David Eynaud
Marketing strategy — Christopher Shields
Animation — Matt Langton
Website — Ben Kanizay

Our brief

After 25 years of continuous operation, we were ready to move forward in a way that would allow us to operate successfully under a refreshed operating model.

To demonstrate our commitment to customers, hearing from them was an important first step, allowing us to truly understand the current perception of HM.

Unlocking and articulating the true purpose of the business and develop a manifesto that would document our way and identifying a brand archetype informed the creative direction to help achieve the ultimate goal of increasing customer lifetime value and stimulate referrals.

We listened to our clients and acted upon insights that came through from customer surveys and one-on-one interviews. Practicing precisely what we preach, demonstrating our commitment to the craft of brand strategy.

We operate with a clear understanding of clients’ drivers for purchasing, retention and advocacy. Our revitalised operational model is based on freedom and trust, and employs team members with specialist roles.

The improved client-centric communication and content marketing is reflected in the development of a focused value proposition and client-centric website.

Sydney Design Awards 2022 Winner in the Graphic Design – Identity and Branding category.