What makes you different?

The HM Way

Twenty-six years ago, HM was born. It has been an incredible journey, and it continues to inspire me.

Like all distinctly different businesses and brands, HM has continued to evolve, adapt and look to the future. Therefore, 2022 felt like a good time to reset our foundations, listen to our clients and invest in deep self-evaluation.

HM has always had a unique way of doing things. The first iteration of our value proposition in 1996 was Whatever it Takes. In some ways, we haven’t changed. Today we confidently evolve into Ideas beautifully crafted which represents who we are. An approach that delivers a bold style, embracing the audacity of self-expression by being dynamic and heroic. Authentic and aspirational as our new website showcases.

We reset our foundations by doing what we do best: asking the hard questions, listening, and understanding.

We revisited our purpose and vision and activated values to support our clients and each other. We understand clearly who we are, what we love doing, and how we work. We call it the HM Way designed to support our remote-first model, taking on a borderless mindset. 

Onwards 🚀 

Part of the HM way is about celebrating success. Many people shared their time and talents to bring this brand refresh to life. I’d like to acknowledge and celebrate a few members of the HM community who contributed: Firstly to our clients who gave hours of valuable feedback. We wouldn’t be who we are today without your support. Our creative team who have worked tirelessly throughout this process with me — co-founder Miguel Valenzuela, Andres Zapata, David Eynaud, Ben Kanizay, Matt Langton, Christopher Shields, and a special shout out to Ric Navarro for his inspirational work that was such an essential element to our process.

To celebrate and share with you, we have updated our Mixtape. Tune into Ideas beautifully crafted Volume 1. It contains an eclectic mix to take you where you need to be while you work and play.


Until next time, Nancy.