A culture of conviction.

Inspiration often emerges from the most unexpected sources. I recently found myself captivated by the story of football legend, Pelé, and his profound impact on football, the Brazilian people, my own 12-year-old-football-obsessed daughter, and indeed the world. Born into poverty, Pelé went on to become celebrated as Athlete of the 20th Century by the International Olympic Committee.

At the core of Pelé’s remarkable impact was his unwavering focus on the authentic playing style that defined Brazilian soccer. His ability to recognise and embrace the unique strengths of each team mate, whilst encouraging them to showcase passion, creativity, and a love for the game, forever changed his country.

Pelé’s renowned balance, flair, and acrobatic agility were impressive. Yet, his legacy has left us with something incredibly inspiring: a culture of conviction.

His individual brilliance was in many ways secondary to the overall success of his team and how this also impacted his country. His conviction to excellence, had a profound effect on the culture of his team and to Brazilian football. The global halo effect of this conviction is immeasurable.

This approach resonates in the way that we can take from the past and apply it to organisational culture, brand growth, and conviction in leadership.

In my world, a similar concept holds true. Conviction serves as the driving force for bringing creative outcomes to unlocking business truths. Just as Pelé’s emphasis on flair and creativity electrified the football field, we thrive by applying strategic and collaborative approaches to craft innovative outcomes and resulting customer experiences.

Each organisation possesses its own distinct essence — a truth waiting to be unveiled. It is this truth that forms the foundation of a powerful and resonant brand. One that establishes an unbreakable connection with your audience.

Consider this: Are you conveying a narrative that captures the essence of your values, purpose, and unique offerings? What’s your story?


Image credit: Pelé by HM.


Nancy Bugeja is Director of HM, a purpose-driven creative agency globally recognised for meaningful work that gets results. HM empower bold organisations and brands through beautifully crafted strategic design.