The Greek-Australian Cultural League (GACL) is a non-profit organisation and aims to advance, support and disseminate the creative endeavours of Greek-Australian writers and artists whose work primarily reflect the confluence of the Greek and Australian cultures, and contribute to the enrichment of Literature, the Visual Arts and the Performing Arts.

Each year the GACL host an exhibition in a gallery setting showcasing works by Greek-Australian Artists. This year, HM. was approached to assist with bringing the idea of an outdoor exhibition to life during a time when galleries were closed.

We designed the posters for the Melbourne public. The laneway art was an opportunity for the GACL, from a brand point of view, to stand out to a new audience segment.

Working closely with the curator, HM. delivered the exhibition titled Metamorphosis, presented as pasteups for installation at Duckboard Pl in Melbourne. The offical opening was a huge success, and over the next month, the GACL experienced many members of the public engaging with the organisation via the QR code.

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