NAFE 2022

Our brief was to create a fresh edgy campaign design to promote the Real Estate Institute of Australia’s National Awards program, and Melbourne as the host city. Our campaign aimed to celebrate excellence in the real estate industry, foster a sense of community by bringing people together after a period of online isolation, and attract both awards entrants and sponsors.

Traditionally, the National Awards took on a new identity every year. However, we opted for an unconventional approach by creating a typeface that became the centerpiece of the campaign. This decision paid off, as the typeface has since become the emblem for the next National Awards and contributed significantly to the Institute’s brand recognition.

Furthermore, the success of the campaign surpassed our initial goals. The 2023 National Awards, which took place in a different city, adopted the same branding with great success. The consistent identity we established which included a custom typeface, has not only helped to increase the Institute’s brand awareness but has also established a clear visual language for their future National Awards. Our client is delighted with the results, and we are excited to continue our successful collaboration with them this year.

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