As a successful Australian-owned business approaching 70 years of operation, Abey Australia is considered a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of quality designer taps, sinks and decorative plumbing products. They are also one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of over 1,200 products – including plumbing clipping systems, stainless steel building connectors, flashings and a range of accessories – to the building industry.

Abey have long understood that their success is built upon focusing on three guiding principles: People, Products, Planet. Abey wished to capture its approach to these principles in a comprehensive sustainability report and turned to HM for the preparation of this important report: the first of its kind in Abey’s long history.

It was important for Abey that the report captured its efforts across all Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) touchpoints. HM approached the preparation of this report with a broad framework of how Abey plays an important role in a circular economy, one that champions regenerative living and advancing climate action.

With the support of an ESG writer, HM undertook the entire content preparation and design to carefully capture Abey’s current ESG performance and commitments including supply chain, partner networks, circular economy and a forward-looking approach and commitment to relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The final report is a powerful representation of how Abey has taken active steps to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes, to reduce their energy consumption and emissions, to actively embrace a circular economy model, and to partner with companies that support supply chain transparency.

It has been welcomed by the Abey Board and Management as one that captures their business as a responsible forward-thinking brand.

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